Our service

We offer you high quality repair services of upright and grand pianos. In our very well-equipped workshop we can implement every, even very demanding restoration.



We carry out general overhauls of the case, completely refreshing the instruments from the outside, or giving them completely new look, for example by changing the colour of the varnish. Bevor varnishing, the entire instrument is carefully prepared by our qualified carpenters, piece by piece, so that the final result is perfect. Then, the previously prepared casing elements are freshly painted in a special, dust-free cabin. After drying, they go trough further processing, so that they will be delivered in a completely new version.

Acoustic part


From the repair of the so-called heart of the piano, i.e. the soundboard, trough the repair of the pinblock, bridges, varnishing the iron frame, to new strings - there are no secrets in this matter for our specialists. Knowledge and precision are two basic things needed to be able to professionally repair the acoustic part. The selection of high-quality materials that we obtain only from proven sources also plays a huge role here.

Action and Keyboard


Repairing the action and keyboard, as well as their correct adjustment are one of the most complicated stages of renovation, which often require devoting many hours of intense and careful work. A well-maintained and regulated mechanism is a necessary element to obtain the best possible sound, as well as freedom and comfort to play the instrument. There are many technical possibilities to improve the quality of the play. Both in terms of the action and keyboard, they are very well known to our experts who are able to put their great skills and knowledge into practice.



We also offer professional advice on the purchase of the appropriate instrument. We know very well how important is to choose an instrument depending on the level of advancement or the taste of the person who will play it. However it is not always easy considering the variety available on the market today. Especially for beginners it will not be an easy task. That is why we are very happy to help. All you need to do is visit us!